Pauliina in Avotakka magazine, January 1999 issue.
Pauliina in Avotakka magazine, January 1999 issue.
A picture and trays with a fruit theme.
Products in the Allu series from 1998.
Products in the Marina and Kotimaa product families from 1996.

Ornaments and utility articles

New items were demanded in the shops constantly, and the decision was made to create nine product lines a year, instead of the previous four. At Aarikka, people believe in thinking about sets of products rather than individual items, and the 1990s saw product families designed especially for gardeners, seamen, and people who love visiting the sauna.

In the 1990s, people wanted to see colour, fun, and humour also in utility articles. The times called also for products that would suit the thinner wallets of the times. Long-stemmed wooden reeds and flowers designed by Kaija went well with the spirit of the age. Even the tiny Tikkutiainen ornament became a hit.

The Allu series, based on a playful duck character, received its own crowd of fans. In addition to the wooden figures, Allu found adventure among Aarikka’s textiles and products used in table settings.