Blue Christmas products for the German tastes of the time.
Blue Christmas products for the German tastes of the time.
Products designed for tourists from early in the 1990s.
An article on Aarikka in a Japanese magazine, December 1990.
Pauliina appears in the Japanese publication Deux in 1991.
Pauliina and His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado in the Esplanadi shop, 1990.
The Aarikka Finland brochure.
An article in Eeva magazine, part 1.
An article in Eeva magazine, part 2.
An article in Eeva magazine, part 3, on Aarikka’s Purje silver jewellery.

International business

In these years, export accounted for 40% of the company’s turnover, a role ensured by Aarikka’s 1,600 retail locations, all over the world. During the summer, tourists were an important customer group. For their benefit, even the Christmas products were kept displayed in the shops all year round. The company benefited too: sales of Christmas products formed 20% of the Aarikka’s entire turnover (30 million euros a year). Aarikka jewellery was sold as far away as Abu Dhabi.

Sweden had always been an important export market for Aarikka products, and expansion into this market was ensured through new Aarikka shops at the Arlanda airport and in downtown Stockholm’s Galleria shopping centre. Germany was the company’s most important export destination, but Japan was not far behind in second place. In Tokyo’s upper-crust neighbourhood of Ginza, Aarikka established a joint shop with Annikki Karvinen.

In Germany, the blue and white theme became such a smash hit that even the Christmas products entered production in blue for these customers. After this, the Germans wanted everything in red.