The 1970s

Popular sheet-metal products.
Popular sheet-metal products.
Pieces in the Tuliainen series.
Aarikka’s striped jars and a paper tablecloth from the collection ‘Euran paperi’.
Utility articles for the home, from pine, and a Kukko rooster sculpture.
The column on the most desired gifts from Me Naiset’s issue 17/1974.

Home decoration products

Clothes purchased ready-to-wear began to establish their position at the expense of home-made clothes. In this new market situation, a decision was made at Aarikka to cease the manufacture of buttons. The focus was placed on home decoration products, which started experiencing huge demand due to a strong wave of urbanisation and huge influx of people to the cities. Aarikka’s most popular products were now the colourful metal jars, plates, and trays.

The product range also featured diverse natural-colour pine products for table settings, among them massive bowls and special plates for placing under regular plates when setting the table. These were designed partially in response to the company’s priorities also: Aarikka believes in communality and the nearly magical power of parties and being together. Clients, the company’s own personnel, and friends and family were served on these wellappointed tables.