The 1970s

Crane sculptures.
Crane sculptures.
A buck, bull, and cow.
A ram.
The advertisement for the mouse-themed campaign of the Cancer Society of Finland.
Japan becomes a significant export country for Aarikka.
The crane relief from pine.
A giant ram poses for the cover of a brochure for the Silhouette brand.

Animal figures

In the 1970s, Kaija was inspired by the animal kingdom, and the range of Aarikka’s wood products grew. The numbered wooden bird sculptures – Tiira, Kukko, and Kurki (a tern, cock, and crane) – were created. Pässi, a wooden ram figure assembled from small wooden balls, was created as a symbol of perseverance and became a popular business gift, one that ends up in the collections of, among others, Empress Michiko of Japan and the members of the band Metallica.

Among the significant Aarikka animal figures is also the mouse designed for a fund-raising campaign of the Cancer Society of Finland. In total, more than a million of these mice were manufactured.