The 1960s

Kaija in the glow of candlesticks.
Kaija in the glow of candlesticks.
A magazine article on the Aarikka candlesticks.
An advertisement for candlesticks.
Cover of the magazine Hopeapeili, 1965.
Cover of Kaunis koti, from 1965.
Cover of the magazine Maatalous-nainen.

A candle boom

Beautifully packed gift items became a more and more important part of Aarikka’s product range. Kaija also designed the packaging for these products.

In the 1960s, the greatest demand was for candlesticks, which were sought after as far away as the United States. More than a million Pikkiriikkinen candlesticks have been sold since this product’s design in the 1960s.

Aarikka jewellery could be found in the jewellery chests of both the conservative and the avantgarde.

Large silver cocktail rings were at the peak of their popularity.