The 1960s

Export marketing, 1963.
Export marketing, 1963.
A new Aarikka shop opens in Copenhagen in 1968.
Export marketing in Sweden.
A brochure for German markets.
An advertisement in House & Garden magazine.
Colourful candle-holders in a German brochure.

Growth from markets abroad

Finland began growing more international and affluent. Participation in international trade fairs and active organisation of exhibitions paid off for Aarikka. As the 1960s drew to a close, export already accounted for half of the company’s total sales. The largest country of export was Sweden, to which Finns were immigrating in great numbers.

At the beginning of the decade, Aarikka employed one worker, but the number of employees had risen to 60 before the ’70s rolled in. There were four Aarikka shops, one of them in the city of Pori. The head office in Helsinki moved from the Haaga district to Fredrikinkatu, and production moved to Nokiantie, in Vallila, where the production facilities remain today.