The 1960s

Kaija at the Nappi-Aarikka shop.
Kaija at the Nappi-Aarikka shop.
Advertisement for the opening of the Nappi button shop.
From the Nappi shop to the Kukkurakauppa shop.
Opening advertisement for the Kukkurakauppa shop.
The product range at the Kukkurakauppa shop also included fluffy blankets.
The Kukkurakauppa shop was at Bulevardi 7.
The design of the Kukkurakauppa shop was handled by Marja-Liisa Parko.

The first shops

In 1960, Aarikka opened its own little shop, the Nappi-Aarikka outlet, in Helsinki’s Wanha kauppakuja merchants’ alley.

Aarikka’s second shop opened its doors in 1963 on Bulevardi, also in Helsinki. This shop, called Kukkurakauppa, showcased true boutique style. In addition to buttons and jewellery, it had room for gift items and for the clothing lines for men and women presented on the shop’s opening day.

Right above the shop was the Aarikka weaving mill, where colourful and fluffy felt blankets designed by Kaija began their life. Kirsti Rantanen wove the fabrics for clothing at the Martela weaving mill, in Somero.