The 1950s

An advertisement for the Nappi button shop.
An advertisement for the Nappi button shop.
Hardwood buttons.
‘Diorin makuun’ (‘A Taste of Dior’), an article in the magazine Uusi Kuvalehti.
Jewellery and buttons featured in a magazine article.
Buttons and some of the company’s first wooden jewellery.
An advertisement for the Nappi button shop.
A piece in the Hilirimpsis range made from wood and metal.

A decade of buttons

There was clear demand for buttons because, regardless of the continuing increase in the standard of living, most clothes were still home-made in the 1950s, and others were commissioned. Aarikka’s wooden buttons and woven buttons proved trendy and were valued even in the fashion houses.

Buttons that draw attention to the clothes they adorn are not so far removed from the realm of jewellery, which Aarikka soon began making, from silver and wood. The first series of the company’s wooden-bead necklaces was called ‘Hilirimpsis’.

In 1955, a surprising commission for four necklaces from Dior in Paris lent wings to a bright future for Aarikka jewellery.

In addition to various types of hardwoods, Aarikka manufactured products from domestic aircraft plywood, juniper, and birch.