The 1950s

Kaija and Erkki working together.
Kaija and Erkki working together.
The company’s first steps in a rented one-room flat.
Kaija Aarikka in 1949.
Jewellery ideas taking shape in the garage.
The Minna button made from aircraft plywood.
Sketching out textile patterns.

The founding of the company

The story of Aarikka begins with a few wooden buttons carved by Kaija Aarikka, a student of textile arts, for her diploma work.

The enthusiastic welcome received by the hardwood buttons designed on the basis of these first buttons inspired Kaija Aarikka and her husband Erkki Ruokonen, recently married, to establish their own company, Aarikka Ky, in 1954.

Kaija focused on product design while Erkki took care of marketing and technical solutions. Operations were run from the newlywed couple’s home in those days, and soon the company had expanded to fill their garage.